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AgileLIVE™ Webinar Series

VersionOne's AgileLIVE webinar series is focused on accelerating enterprise agile, and helping you scale agile faster, easier and smarter. So don't get left behind! Make sure to tune in for insights from industry experts, partners and coaches presenting on SAFe, Agile, Scrum, DevOps and more. Plus, everyone who attends can earn PDU credits!

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Maximize Your Enterprise DevOps Efforts and Outcomes with Value Streams

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January 23, 2018, 1pm – 2pm ET

Enterprise software organizations need to modernize and transform their software development processes to gain and keep their competitive advantage by accelerating delivery of business value to customers to meet the market and customer demands. Join the editor in chief of DevOps, Alan Shimel, and Eric Robertson, Vice President Product Management from CollabNet, in a live chat session that will provide you with the valuable insights needed for Value Stream Management (VSM) for enterprises to stay ahead in today’s market.

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Enterprise Software Development from a Version Control Standpoint

January 25, 2018, 12pm – 1pm ET

Hear how a modern Enterprise Version Control (EVC) process with enforced workflows will help to overcome the barriers that are hindering organizational performance from reaching its full potential!

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AgileLIVE On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Top 5 Considerations for DevOps Success in 2018

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Basic DevOps automation and orchestration is not enough anymore to drive DevOps success. Enterprise organizations must think about continuous improvement, value stream visibility and measurement, real-time compliance and more. Kick off the new year and join Daniel Gruesso of CollabNet, to talk about the top five DevOps themes you should consider as you set a course for DevOps success in 2018.

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The Key to Optimizing Value Streams without Increasing Risk

Agile + DevOps Success

Enterprise organizations want to deliver software faster without increasing risk and making the flow of business value delivered to customers more transparent and direct. Join this DevOps Success Webinar with guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Eric Robertson, VP Product Management & Strategy at CollabNet to unlock the key to optimizing your value stream. This webinar will cover approaches to better understand how value, in an enterprise setting, flows from idea to end users and how you can identify and remove friction and bottlenecks to reduce deployment risks resulting in increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue for your organization.

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Agile Product Management + DevOps = Real World Success

How Fanatics, BNSF and VersionOne Align Product Strategy & DevOps

Hear perspectives from Fanatics, BNSF, and VersionOne about how they are integrating agile product management and DevOps processes in their organizations to optimize their value streams and track the flow of value from strategy to delivery.

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Cognizant OneAgility Platform

Make Enterprise Agility Real

There has been a lot of talk lately about the unification of agile and Devops and the need to continue knocking down silos within organizations to speed the delivery of value to both customers and the organizations delivering software. Watch this webinar to gain an immersive experience of modern IT for key industry scenarios, through seamless integration of supporting technologies and best practices and shows how organizations can get visibility into – and management of – the entire application development lifecycle.

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Integrate Agile & DevOps with VersionOne

Accelerate Delivery Across Your Value Stream

Join this webinar to see how VersionOne uniquely integrates and coordinates activities across the entire software delivery value stream to ensure higher quality and reduce risk.

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SAFe® 4.5 With VersionOne

Accelerate Delivery with the Scaled Agile Framework®

Designed to simplify and accelerate the adoption of agile at scale, VersionOne provides unparalleled support for SAFe at all levels of the enterprise. Join this webinar to see how VersionOne supports the key constructs, practices, and metrics defined by SAFe 4.5.

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SAFe DevOps Metrics

Scale Continuous Delivery with the Scaled Agile Framework

Learn SAFe’s approach to Continuous Delivery and DevOps metrics and how you can use those metrics to successfully scale Continuous Delivery. In this webinar, Scaled Agile Inc., will share SAFe’s CALMR approach to DevOps — Culture, Automation, Lean-flow, Measurement, and Recovery — and how metrics fit into that approach. In addition to discussing DevOps metrics, why expressing and validating business outcome hypotheses is critical to the continuous delivery of value. Get Scaled Agile Inc.’s latest insights on what is helping large enterprise organizations succeed at DevOps and SAFe.

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Measure DevOps Performance with VersionOne

Data-driven DevOps approach to accelerate delivery with confidence

Are you measuring the value flow, risk, and quality as it moves through your DevOps pipelines? Do you have real-time visibility into your user stories and defects as they flow through delivery – all the way to your end-users? We’ll show you how to use VersionOne to measure DevOps performance with a data-driven continuous approach.

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Scale DevOps with SAFe®

Dean Leffingwell shares a new CALMR approach

Dean Leffingwell, co-founder and chief methodologist at Scaled Agile, Inc., describes how a CALMR approach — Culture, Automation, Lean-Flow, Measurement, and Recovery — to scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery creates the foundation teams need to release value on demand. Hear how the practices and mechanisms of continuous exploration, continuous integration, and continuous deployment work in concert to build an efficient Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Dean reviews existing SAFe DevOps content and previews new content making its way into future versions of the Scaled Agile Framework®.

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Unify Agile & DevOps with VersionOne

Accelerate delivery with confidence

Learn how to unify portfolio planning, agile development, and continuous delivery to deliver more value to your customers. VersionOne provides a unifying platform for stakeholders at every level and phase of software delivery so your organization can accelerate delivery with confidence.

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SAFe® Made Simple with VersionOne

A Must-See Webinar When Considering SAFe

Are you considering or currently practicing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)? We’ll show you how leading software organizations succeed with SAFe and the VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform.

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How to Use SAFe® to Deliver Value at Enterprise Scale

Q&A Discussion with Dean Leffingwell

Seems everybody these days is talking about delivering value. But what does that mean, and how do you know that you’re actually doing it? Join Dean Leffingwell, co-founder and chief methodologist, at Scaled Agile, and Lee Cunningham, senior director, enterprise agile strategy for this webinar. Hear Dean talk about SAFe, implementing value streams, how DevOps fits into SAFe, and delivering business value at enterprise scale.

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Achieve End-to-End Visibility Across Your Value Stream

How to Measure DevOps Performance

Are you measuring the value, risk, and quality flowing through your DevOps pipelines? Learn how top performing enterprise software development organizations are extending enterprise agility by adopting new strategies to evaluate and measure delivery speed, deployment risk, and code quality. This webinar will provide real world strategies for defining, measuring, visualizing, and improving your enterprise’s ability to deliver value, reduce risk, and improve quality.

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Measuring Enterprise Agility

How to Define, Measure, & Improve Agility and DevOps Performance

Are you delivering value to your customers/users? How do you know? How do you show it? Learn critical elements of enterprise agility and how to visualize and make sense of it all. This webinar will provide real world strategies for defining, measuring, and improving agility and DevOps performance within your organization. This webinar is for agile leaders scaling agile in large enterprises who know that measuring and improving enterprise agility is a necessity if you want to remain competitive.

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Indispensable Elements of SAFe®

What to Adjust & Fix in Your SAFe Implementation

Are you planning to apply SAFe or in the middle of a SAFe rollout?  Find out which elements of SAFe are indispensable, and which ones you can adjust in your SAFe implementation. It is critical for every change agent and Lean-Agile leader to know what practices must be implemented as part of every SAFe rollout and which ones can be adjusted and how, to best reflect organizational context. Understanding how to build a specific SAFe implementation is key to improved economics of product development, higher employee engagement, quality, and efficacy of the customer solutions.

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Agile’s Next Frontier: Continuous Visibility

Achieve End-to-End Visibility with Unified Strategy, Development & Delivery

As you strive to deploy smaller releases faster, do you have the real-time visibility you need to make sure you’re delivering the best quality products to your customers? Frameworks and tooling around agile and DevOps have evolved to help, but value streams still go dark during the last mile of software delivery as ideas get converted into digital bytes. As we continue to scale agile across our enterprises, the ability to manage value streams from idea to end-user is becoming a critical requirement. Watch this webinar to find out how continuous visibility can help you reach agile’s full potential and why it’s essential with agile at scale.

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Build a DevOps Culture & Infrastructure for Success

Companies around the world are jumping on the DevOps bandwagon with many projects and teams using a proliferation of automation tools and custom scripts. While we’re creating faster deployments, does this create more chaos and fragmentation than ever before? Find out what it takes to build the right culture and infrastructure for real DevOps success.

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Getting to Done – The Power of Scrum

Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and author of Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, shares proven and often quite simple ways to move teams from mediocre to great. You’ll learn how to quickly identify the reasons why teams aren’t getting to done, so you can eliminate them one by one.

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