VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform


VersionOne ALM Connect™

VersionOne ALM Connect is an enterprise integration solution for integrating VersionOne with your mission-critical ALM tools and systems. ALM Connect gives you visibility into the status of work items as they interact with other systems and flow through your organization’s development processes.

Manage Key ALM Systems with ALM Connect

In the last decade, the proliferation of best-of-breed ALM tools has caused many organizations to move away from integrated, homogeneous technology stacks to manage their development activities. In addition, the scaling of agile development practices has underscored the need for visibility across organizational boundaries. In response to these trends, ALM Connect integrates VersionOne with key ALM systems to provide visibility and coordination across today’s heterogeneous development environments.

Improve Visibility and Traceability

Consolidate and integrate silos of information by connecting your mission critical ALM systems and tools to the VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform. Gain up-to-date visibility and traceability with a complete history of software changes and data flow in a “single source of truth”.

ALM Connect Screenshot
ALM Connect Screenshot

Ensure Consistency and Improve Quality

Define rules and configurations that map your processes to your existing infrastructure and tools to ensure a consistent workflow across all your teams. Flexible, web-based administration provides seamless bi-directional or uni-directional integrations and the ability to perform field-level mapping, configure custom integration rules, and automate conflict resolution.

Save Time and Money

Reduce administration time and hassles by eliminating the need to constantly download, update, and configure multiple independent integration technologies. Increase the ROI on your existing tools and infrastructure by connecting them to the VersionOne platform.