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Are you implementing DevOps in your organization? Do you know how to measure DevOps success? VersionOne can help. As a starting point, we’ve compiled the latest thought leadership ideas from Dennis Ehle, our vice president, DevOps strategy, along with other info to help ensure your success.

Agile Chronicles Newsletter

Dec 2016

Featured Blog Posts

How Measuring DevOps Performance Increases Enterprise Agility

How to measure DevOps performance to gain end-to-end visibility from concept to cash.

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Measuring DevOps Performance Using a Value-Based Approach

How to use a value-based approach to measure the value, risk, and quality flowing through your DevOps pipelines.

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3 Performance Measures That Can Help Reduce DevOps Wait Time

Three ways to measure DevOps flow to help reduce DevOps wait time along with the fundamental capabilities you need to make these measurements possible.

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4 Basic Building Blocks Needed to Measure DevOps Flow

Four simple, but critically important building blocks that you’ll need to have in place prior to measuring DevOps flow. Each is required – regardless of what tools you’re using.

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AgileLIVE Webinar Series

Achieve End-to-End Visibility Across Your Value Stream

Gain real world strategies to define, measure, visualize, and improve your enterprise’s ability to deliver value, reduce risk, and improve quality.

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Measuring Enterprise Agility

Learn the critical elements of measuring enterprise agility and how to visualize and make sense of it all.

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